Our mission is to provide sanitary products to women and girls.  We also strive to educate, bring awareness to and end the stigma of menstruation in our society. We hope you will be interested in sharing our message, host a Period Party, make a donation, assist with the delivery of Period Packs/products to various shelters and organizations, and/or become a Chapter of HPP.  If you would like more information, please contact us.



Sharron M. Champion, Co-Founder, and Executive Director

She’s a mom, runner, trainer, organizer, businesswoman and . . . the face of feminine hygiene products? Yes, that’s right. Sharron Phillips is not only a full-time Business Solutions Consultant with SC Works Greenville, but she is also the co-founder and executive director of The Homeless Period Project. Born and raised in the Upstate of South Carolina, Sharron’s sweet southern accent is outdone only by her warm and compassionate nature. While she has learned more about feminine hygiene products, menstrual taboos and period poverty than one would think possible, Sharron always encourages collaboration for new period ideas to help empower women in need.

In between a full-time office job, the public face of The HPP, serving as ambassador and spokesperson at public events and in the media, Sharron is a trainer with Fleet Feet Sports and a proud mom to grown son Champion and college-bound daughter Isabella.

Soon to be facing an empty nest, Sharron’s days will be anything but sparse as The HPP continues to add new chapters and reach out to more women and girls each month. Sharron often laughs and shares with people, if she had known when she was a teenager that God’s plan for her was to be the face of tampons in South Carolina, she would have cried. But she’s quick to add, besides being a mom, The HPP is her passion and her calling.

Stephanie Arnold, Co-Founder, and Board Chairwoman

Stephanie is a native of South Carolina and a graduate of Clemson University.  Born to hard-working parents who made very little, she saw first-hand the struggle of the working poor. This sparked a passion for community service early in life.  She has represented abused children through the Guardian ad Litem program, she was an active member of Speak for Animals advocating for laws to protect animals or served as a hospice volunteer assisting the terminally ill. Stephanie is passionate about speaking for those who have no voice.

After graduating from Clemson, Stephanie worked for 20 years as a paralegal.  She is married and has three children and lives in the North Main Community.

In the summer of 2015 when she discovered that in Greenville too many women and girls do not have access to feminine products, she knew something had to be done.  She also knew that her sister-in-law would share her passion for helping women and girls.  So, together they started HPP.  HPP’s 3-year anniversary was just celebrated earlier this summer; to date, HPP has donated over 170,000-period packs totaling over a half-million dollars in products.